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18 October 2019 Uncategorised Video 2 –
7 October 2019 Whole School
Hello Parents and Shamblehurst Community. The school council are passionate about recycling plastic and have joined forces with the company Terracycle to reduce our plastic waste. We would like to ...
7 May 2019 Year 5
Year 5 – Getting on boards and channelling their pirate sea shanties. Please keep an AYE,AYE out for more information regarding the Year 5 pirate museum which is in construction for your view...
26 February 2019 Year 5
Year 5 are asking for your support . We have entered a competition hosted by The Premier League Primary Stars . See link below and information on the competition. Our Year 5 pledge on plastic invol...
7 January 2019 Year 6
Year 6 were mad scientists for the morning, they had to worked together to get themselves off of the island. They created parachutes and boats and tested them out before reaching the island where t...
21 November 2018 Year 6
20 November 2018 Year 6
19 November 2018 Year 6
10 November 2018 Whole School, Year 5, Year 6