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28 June 2021 Year 1
As part of our Enquiry ‘Should zoos exist?’, on Tuesday 15th June Year 1 went to Marwell zoo. We were able to look at all the enclosures and had in depth discussions about them. We all ...
17 May 2021 Year 6
This term in Year 6, our enquiry is based on the question, ‘Does everyone have a voice?’ To begin the enquiry, we discussed whether art could give you a voice and used the artist Banksy as our guid...
14 May 2021 Year 2
Year 2 have been trying to answer the question: Is everything always as it seems? Through our art project we have been exploring the concept of: Identity We have looked at the work of Pablo Picasso...
11 May 2021 Year 5
On Thursday 6th May, Year 5 embarked on a new career as they worked as crime scene detectives for the day. Leading the search for the illusive criminal was a detective (with 25 years + experience) ...
10 May 2021 Year 6
As a part of our enquiry, ‘Does everyone have a voice?, we invited Chris Lubbe to talk to Year 6 about his experiences of growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid, and his work as one of Nel...
10 May 2021 Whole School
Shamblehurst is entering a competition to win £5000 worth of book tokens for our school, please nominate us and support us in enriching our curriculum. You can nominate our school here: https://www...
10 May 2021 Year 1
On Wednesday 10th March 2021, Year 2 children took on the role of a passenger on board the Titanic. They came dressed as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger all with their own reasons for starting th...
19 March 2021 Whole School
Please click here to view our Spring and New Beginnings Gallery Video
12 March 2021 Whole School
Charlie Mackesy Posters – Week Beginning Monday 8th March 2021  We are delighted that all the children are back in school. This week we have focussed on our well-being. Class discussio...
21 September 2020 Whole School
20 July 2020 Year 6
Year 6 Leavers’ Video – Part 1 Year 6 Leavers’ Video – Part 2
13 May 2020 Year 5
Please click here to see a VE Day video, created by Alex – Video
6 May 2020 Year 5
Some children in Year 5 have created some VE Day Poems
29 April 2020 Whole School, Year R
Reminder- if you have been allocated a place for your child at Shamblehurst Primary School for the school year starting in September 2020, please log on to the Education Online Portal as directed i...
3 April 2020 Whole School
Joe Wicks –  Shamblehurst Primary School Staff Video 
31 March 2020 Whole School
Due to children working more on the Internet, we feel it is important to remind everyone as to how to keep safe on line.