School Council – Terracycle

Hello Parents and Shamblehurst Community.

The school council are passionate about recycling plastic and have joined forces with the company Terracycle to reduce our plastic waste. We would like to recycle your used crisp packets and personal care and beauty products. Some of the items that can be recycled are plastic packaging from face wipes, plastic caps and pumps, plastic pots and plastic roll-ons. The school will receive money for recycling these products.

We currently have raised £16.96 from recycling crisp packets alone, which will be used to fund items for our school. There are currently two bins that children can put their empty crisp packets in. Please
feel free to collect any empty crisp packets you may have at home and send them in with your child. In addition, there will be a plastic bin placed by the doughnut treat stand for you to drop of any used and clean personal care and beauty products. Please see the two posters for items that are accepted by Terracycle. Please help us here at Shamblehurst to not only reduce our plastic use, but raise money for our school.

Phoebe Hurst – School Council