As part of their P.E. year 1 & 2 have been participating in tunneling sessions. Children have been introduced to tunneling in an indoor setting but, the sessions are designed to give them an adventurous experience of how tunneling would be in the mountains or the forest.

Using their imaginations helps them to create a realistic and exciting learning environment, whilst having the challenges of being in the outdoors surrounded by rocks, trees and different weather conditions.

The children are learning different movement skills which allows them to crawl thought the tunnels and into the caves where they experience being together. finding spaces and communicating before finding their way back out of the tunnels.

The sessions are designed to give children an exciting learning opportunity linking with Shamblehurst learning muscles such as: communication, listening, perseverance, collaboration and managing distractions.

Chairman’s Year of Music Concert

Lydia Brown and Micha Thompson took part in a wonderful music event at Freegrounds Junior School to celebrate the Chairman’s Year of Music. Taking their instruments with them, and accompanied by Mrs Keith – thank you for walking with us! – and myself, they joined children from other local schools to play a selection of pieces written especially for the event. I eagerly took up the offer of a spare recorder and joined in the fun – it was an amazing feeling being part of such a fantastic event.

After rehearsing with the Hampshire Music Service specialist, who had actually written the pieces, and a quick break, we were joined by family members, who had come to watch the performance. Lydia and Micha were superstars and clearly loved taking part – they grinned all the way through the afternoon! Everyone agreed it had been a great opportunity to share a love of music and plans are already under way for future events, so watch this space!…

A Porsche on the playground

Year 6 sped back to school after the half-term break with a visit from a Porsche 911 and two Porsche team members. The visit certainly caused a stir as the Porsche was driven carefully onto the playground! The children learnt all about the car: how much it costs; how fast it goes; who designed the first Porsche and how many different types of Porsche cars there are.

Following the visit, the children have been flexing their imagining muscle to design their own cars for Porsche and are busy preparing persuasive leaflets to sell them to the Dragons, who will choose an overall winning design.

Alongside this, the children have been working with statistical data from Porsche, handling the data in a range of graphs in their maths lesson.

Shamblehurst Raises the Roof at the O2!

On Monday 6th February, 30 amazing children sang their hearts out at the O2, for the Young Voices Concert.

After two weeks of rehearsals, led by Mrs Symes and supported by Mrs Ross, the children headed up to London for the day. After finding our seats, which were right in front of the conductor and the band, we ate our lunch, before starting on a two and three quarter hour rehearsal! After another break for more food, the audience filed in and we excitedly looked for the parents and other family members who had come along to watch us perform.

As the lights dimmed, the excitement reached fever-pitch and seven and a half thousand children sang their hearts out. With songs ranging from a lively pop medley, a song that included sign language as well as song in both Welsh and African! Mrs Symes led the air guitars and even the children seemed impressed by this…

Mrs Symes was incredibly proud of all the children and would like to also say a big thank you to the other adults, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hanslip, Mrs Mohamed and Mrs Constantine, who joined her on the day.

It was yet another example of how simply amazing the children of Shamblehurst and how they can really rock it out!

Carnival of the Animals

Yesterday students from KS1 and KS2 were visited by two talented musicians from the Hampshire Music Service. Xenia Kasper demonstrated her violin skills and Andy Hunt his piano skills to the children. They performed Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens.

The students listened to excerpts from Carnival of the Animals and were invited to guess what animals the piece was based on. Children were also invited to take part in dancing and given the opportunity to play percussion instruments, alongside Xenia and Andy.

It was an inspirational assembly!

One World Week

Wow! What an incredible week we’ve had here at Shamblehurst! Our One World Week has been a real success; the children have learned so much about their countries and have enjoyed visits from some awe-inspiring people!

Starting on Monday, Year R and Year 1 took part in an African drumming session (to enhance their learning about South Africa) where they learned about rhythmic patterns, tempo and dynamic possibilities of African drums. They particularly enjoyed making as much noise as possible.

On Tuesday, a trained dancer came to work with Years 2 and 3. In the morning, she taught Year 2 all about the Brazilian Carnival culture (to support Year 2 in learning about Brazil) and the children learned traditional Carnival dances. The afternoon session was dedicated to Year 3, who were learning about India. They learned traditional Bollywood dances, which they compared with Year 2’s Carnival dancing when, at the end of the day, the children all came together to watch each others’ performances.

Thoughout the week, Sian Heath visited school to teach the children about Chinese culture. She led a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to allow the children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 to immerse themselves in the culture and celebrated Chinese New Year with the Year R children, complete with a Dragon Dance!

To complete the week with a bang, our final visitor, Chris Lubbe, came to work with Year 5 and 6 children. Chris Lubbe was one of Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards. He told us all about his fight for justice for non-white people during the Apartheid in South Africa, a struggle which began long before he met Nelson Mandela. He relayed how he came to meet the magnificent Mandela and how he managed to forgive those who treated him so badly for so many years. It was a truly inspirational day!

I am sure your children have all come home with lots to tell you about this week! We hope these memories will stay with them forever!

Paralympian Aaron Phipps Visit

Today pupils in year 2, 5 and 6 where visited by Aaron Phipps. Team GB Wheelchair Rugby player from the London 2012 Olympics.

Aaron came in to talk to the children about the importance of a positive mind-set. He opened up about being diagnosed with meningitis at a young age, and how he decided early on that he would not let this hold him back. He spoke about his journey to the London 2012 Olympic Games and about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands and knees. This was extremely inspiring and a lot of the children had questions and an opportunity to ask them at the end.