“We’re here to put a dent in the universe” – Steve Jobs

At Shamblehurst Primary we are developing a curriculum to be proud of. Through our curriculum, we aim to achieve our school tag line of ‘Building dreams, shaping futures, inspiring life-long learning’.

Our curriculum gives children the opportunity to engage with critical audiences at a local, national and global level.

Alongside this curriculum, children are given opportunities to learn outside and show an awareness of their impact on the wider world. Children have opportunities to be mindful, to appreciate the great outdoors, whilst collaborating and problem solving alongside their peers.

We are a Bronze accredited school for Global neighbours and will be working towards our Silver and Gold awards over the next few years.

Curriculum Maps

Should zoos exist? (Year 1) responsibility, belonging, sustainability, care

Is everything always as it seems? (Year 2) belief, identity, truth, judgement

Survive or thrive. Which is best? (Year 3) responsibility, care, thrive

How differently do people see the world? (Year 4) beauty, diversity, value, freedom

Does the punishment ‘EVER’ fit the crime? (Year 5) fairness, democracy, justice, rights, consequence

Does everyone have a voice? (Year 6) choice, discrimination, justice, free-will

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