Sports Premium


The government has provided additional funding of £150 million per annum to support sport in school since the academic year 2013-14. This funding is ring fenced to improve Sport in schools. The grant must be spent on improving school sports.


All schools with 17 or more primary-aged children will receive a lump sum of £8000, plus a premium of £5 per pupil.

PE and Sport Grant successes:

Level 1 - School:

  • Inter-school team sports day
  • Competitive scenarios in lessons
  • After school sports clubs

Level 2 - Cluster:

  • Last year, (15/16) the school aimed to become a part of the cluster sport within the local area, with the ambition to qualify for the Hampshire games within 3 years.
  • Over the course of the year we fielded 129 participants across 10 different sporting disciplines in Hampshire Games Qualifying events.
  • We also fielded a boys football team in the local cluster fixtures, along with a mixed netball team.

Level 3 – County level:

  • Hockey 3RD (Bronze) Hampshire Games.
  • Boys football 6th Regional Finals.

This year we look to continue to compete in local cluster sport. We are looking to improve on our first experience of cricket last year and are looking to qualify and compete again at Hampshire Games.

School Games Mark:
This year we were awarded a Bronze award for school sport.


For this academic year, 2016-17, so far we have received £6340. We are due to receive an additional £3000 in the new financial year.

The key aims for this academic year are:

  • The continual development of delivering high quality PE across the school
  • The continual development of after school clubs to ensure that sport is accessible for all children
  • To ensure that girls participate in sport in line with boys

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Sports Premium Impact

Summary of PESG spending 2016-2017

Sports Premium




Intended Impact

How impact will be measured

To provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in free sporting activities at lunchtime and after-school. 2 x 45 min sessions every week at lunch time by sports coach


£1108 SFC
£130 CC
Increased provision and breadth of activity – monitor the proportions of girls and boys who access sporting activities. Trailblazers run at lunch time twice a week during lunchtimes.


To provide quality physical education and sports coaching in games lessons for ALL pupils from a qualified and experienced sports coach. Sports coach to work alongside teachers two afternoons a week for the year. All children will be taught by the sports coach at least once during the academic year. £5000 Good practice is shared and feedback sought from other school teachers, which drives the effective development of PE Lesson observations
Pupil Interviews
Assessment against National expectations
To purchase new PE equipment. To provide PE equipment that is fit for purpose and suitably challenging for the pupils. £400 To have PE equipment that is fit for purpose. Lesson observations
Pupil Interviews
Assessment against National expectations


For the academic year 2015-2016, we received an amount of £9,825

The key aims using the Sports Premium Funding in 2015-16 were:

  • To develop Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. (OAA)
  • To promote sport for all through the use of extra-curricular activities.
  • To ensure PE equipment is updated and relevant to support the curriculum.
  • To ensure that teachers received high quality Professional Development through release time to observe high quality PE lessons.
  • To ensure the profile of sport and PE was raised across the school by ensuring children were appropriately dressed to represent the school.
  • To ensure children were able to attend fixtures.

Summary of PESG spending 2015-2016





Specialised Coaching to support the teaching and learning of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. £1950 To provide quality Physical Education coaching in games lessons for ALL pupils from a qualified and experienced sports coach. Lesson observations
Pupil interviews
Assessment against Age Related Expectations
Specialised sport equipment for extra-curricular activities. £1939 To provide opportunities for pupils to participate in free sporting activities at lunchtimes and after-school. After-school clubs
Lunchtime clubs
Pupil interviews
Sports equipment £4502 To ensure all PE equipment is kept up to date and replaced regularly. PE equipment will be fit for purpose and updated when needed.
Kit to represent the school during sports fixtures. £1370 To ensure children are appropriately dressed to represent the school. Children will have a sports kit to ensure they are dressed appropriately to represent the school in sports fixtures.
Transport to ensure children can attend sports fixtures. £150 To ensure children can attend fixtures for sports that they represent. Children will be able to attend sports fixtures.
Teacher release to ensure teachers continually develop the teaching and learning of PE. £1260 To ensure teachers have high quality Professional Development. Lesson observations
Memberships £120 Membership to Cricket association – Ageas Bowl. Memberships to affiliated clubs will be up to date.

Outcomes 2015-16


Y5/6 Tag Rugby: 3rd
Boys Football: 1st Place & Regional Finals: 6th out of 8
Netball: 3rd
Hockey: 1st at qualifier & 3rd (Bronze award) at Hampshire Games
Basketball: 6th
Cricket: 3rd in group in Hants cup.
Girls football: 3rd in group at qualifier
Indoor Athletics: 2nd
X-Country Yr 6 Boys: 2nd
Y4 Swimming 3rd