Shamblehurst Primary School Equality Statement      


At Shamblehurst Primary School, we recognise our aim is to provide equality of opportunities for all children to participate in every aspect of school life, paying due regard to health and safety and pupil’s age, aptitude and ability. Shamblehurst Primary School is a slightly larger than average primary school with 480 children on roll.

In September 2021 we worked with staff and Governors on re-evaluating our Vision and values.

Our Values are:



Respect and


Our Vision is:

In order to discover the brilliance in everyone we are committed to achieve:

  • A happy and healthy community
  • An engaged and accountable community
  • A compassionate and kind community
  • An inclusive community of lifelong learners
  • A community of empathetic and curious critical thinkers
  • A community that celebrates diversity
  • A community of Global Citizens

Equality Statement Policy