Year 1 – Marwell Trip

As part of our Enquiry ‘Should zoos exist?’, on Tuesday 15th June Year 1 went to Marwell zoo. We were able to look at all the enclosures and had in depth discussions about them. We all attended some interesting workshops, where we had the opportunity to see the different skulls from the classification groups such as bird, reptile etc.

It was a scorching hot day, but we all learnt a lot and enjoyed every minute!

Thank you to all the children that held Shamblehurst’s name high!

You are all superstars!

Year 1 Team

Year 2 Titanic Day

On Wednesday 10th March 2021, Year 2 children took on the role of a passenger on board the Titanic. They came dressed as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passenger all with their own reasons for starting their journey to America. We experienced what it would have been like on board from different points of view.
The children set sail from Southampton, explored the 3 classes on board the ship, went to the 3 dining rooms and took part in some waltzing.

Mrs Smile and Miss Bryan