Year 3 – Butser Ancient Farm – Tuesday 14th Janaury 2020

Year 3 went to Butser Farm for their school trip based around the History topic ‘Stone Age’ on Tuesday 14th January 2020.  The children learnt many facts about the Stone Age and were able to be hands on with exciting activities such as waddling, chalk carvings and making bead strings, using the actual materials that were available in the Stone Age. Even though it was wet and cold, all children enjoyed the activities and were able to talk about this with great excitement.

Thank you to Butser Farm for their expert knowledge!


Safeguarding Day

Today there have been a number of events happening in regards to safeguarding.

The pupils have had a visit from PC Becky Veal. Who was here to talk to the pupils in Year 1 and 2 about how to recognise: people that keep you safe, safe strangers, e.g. (Police, Teachers, and Shop assistant) and strangers. Becky also explain how the police stay safe while protecting the public. Some of the pupils were allowed to try on some of the protective clothing.

The talk for Years 3 – 6 was about staying safe online. This talk covered texting of images and the posting of content online. Becky spoke about how when you post something online or message it to someone you lose control over what that image, video or text can be used for.

We also had a visit from the NSPCC to talk about safeguarding. They did an assembly for Key Stage 1 and 2 on the definitions of abuse and about the Childline Helpline 0800 1111. They will be revisiting on Monday 5th December to work with Year 5 and 6.