Year 5 – Together We Can Poems

We used Michael Rosen’s poems Car Trip and Hot Food to inspire us. The children enjoyed the way he used his voice and expressions to make everyday things comical and interesting. They then thought about what together we can meant to them and what it might look like everyday before they wrote their own poems using some of the features we identified and performed them in the style of Michael Rosen.

Year 5 Detective Project

On Thursday 6th May, Year 5 embarked on a new career as they worked as crime scene detectives for the day. Leading the search for the illusive criminal was a detective (with 25 years + experience) from Scotland Yard, who outlined the circumstances in a morning briefing.
After hearing the key details of the crime, the children headed over to the forensics tent with their kits in hand with forensic suits on. Their initial task was to identify key evidence which would need to be collected and examined further back at headquarters. The children gathered up all manner of items, took swab samples and  even bagged up a half eaten sandwich which ended up as a vital lead in this case.
Back at headquarters the children deliberated, which evidence needed to be examined further. Would they send it for fingerprint testing?  DNA samples? They also discovered, through the clues left behind, the name of the victim, his medical history and his known contacts. After they had examined all the items, they had to choose 6 which they believed to be the most important. They would then have to present this to the DI (Detective Inspector) in the afternoon.
So who did it?  After exploring several avenues, the children cracked the case by making links, reasoning and working together as a team. We will let them tell you who the culprit was and what the sandwich had to do with it …. !
Year 5 did this as part of our history ‘Crime and Punishment’ enquiry. ‘Does the punishment EVER fit the crime?’ Once the criminal had been discovered, the children discussed what the next steps would be and how important forensic evidence is when trialling someone in the modern justice system. They will use this as a comparison to how unfair and unjust criminal systems have been throughout UK history.