Day 4 – Year 6 Calshot – Thursday 25th November 2021

The final full day at Calshot and what an amazing time the children have had. Here are the activities that the children have taken part in today – Skiing, low ropes, team swing, beach bonanza, crate stack, archery, epic engineering, climbing and some more orienteering. Tonight, after dinner, the children look forward to a film night!


Day 3 – Year 6 Calshot – Wednesday 24th November 2021

Lots more activties have taken place today – team swing, more time at the beach, crate stacking, low ropes, archery, epic engineering and orienteering! The children are all wrapping up warm and enjoying their warm meals and drinks. There have also been competitions for the tidiest dorms.


Day 2 – Year 6 Calshot – Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Day 2 – Year 6 Calshot – Tuesday 23rd November 2021 – Many activities happened today! Some groups went to the beach for beach bonanza, some went orienteering, some on the low ropes, archery, climbing, ringo and laser climb and lots more.
Children are enjoying their meal choices from the great variety of food that Calshot offer.
The evening activities tonight are egg drop, hangar orienteering and evening games.