Year 6 – Movie Night – Friday 10th January 2020

Year 6 had a fantastic Friday evening watching Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief to help launch our new enquiry centred around the Ancient Greece. The children came dressed in cosy clothes and pyjamas, bringing with them blankets, pillows and sleeping bags and sat amongst the twinkly lights enjoying their hot chocolate, sweets and the movie. Children were able to develop their understanding of some of the Greek Myths explored in class and were able to put them into a modern day context.
A special thank you to Jake Parker’s Grandma for supplying extra, home-made popcorn (this was incredibly popular and the children loved it).

Year 6 – Monday 19th November – Friday 23rd November 2018

Year 6 were mad scientists for the morning, they had to worked together to get themselves off of the island. They created parachutes and boats and tested them out before reaching the island where the broken plane was: children had to build circuits to get the motor of the plane working.
In the afternoon, children worked with Planet Sport to devise a PE. lesson that they will teach to the Year R children later this afternoon.
On our last day today, and Year 6 are up against the clock, working in teams on various challenges. These include: The egg drop challenge, spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge, mewspaper fashion show, human hungry hippo on paddle boards and a balloon challenge.
The children have worked collaboratively this week and enjoyed the tasks and challenges set!